How a successful tractor and supply business benefitted from reaching out and allowing Mojave to audit their marketing strategies in the hopes of creating a more successful path to the farming communities that make up their target audience.

The Problem

Hoover Tractor, a family-owned tractor and supply store located in Mifflinburg, PA. is an already established business with a known presence in the communities they serve. Their previous agency proved unable to successfully manage the entirety of Hoover’s marketing needs, especially with cooperative advertising systems.


Hoover Tractor already possessed the marketing know-how needed to promote their business to the farming communities of Central PA. However, they requested assistance with the design and styling of their business as a whole. Mojave evaluated their current campaigns and identified the following areas of approach:

  • The branding needed to be amplified and accentuated with more stylized promotions.
  • Better coordination was needed regarding Co-op advertising.
  • A more prominent online presence was needed.
  • The need for upgraded outdoor signage and billboards.


Our Solutions

Based on our in-depth review of Hoover’s needs, Mojave provided:

  • More dynamic advertising in terms of style and targeted campaigns.
  • Better online promotions and increased optimization for more accurate analytics.
  • Increased direct mail marketing.
  • A cohesive plan for co-op advertising reimbursement.
  • More targeted billboards and banners.
  • Development of “For the love of dirt” tagline and ensuing campaigns.



Hoover Tractor had the tools needed to create successful marketing campaigns and, in partnership with Mojave, they were implemented. This reshaped the narrative and leveraged the existing materials to formulate advertising which resulted in an increase of profitable returns.