How Mojave’s re-branding of Atlantic Equipment Specialists effectively positioned the food service equipment company as a leader in designing, building, and installing upscale dining environments in restaurants, corporate dining facilities and university student dining halls.

Atlantic Equipment Specialists approached Mojave to find a solution to their marketing and brand identity difficulties.

The Problem

Since 1985, Atlantic Equipment Specialists has supplied food services equipment such as stoves, grills and refrigeration equipment to restaurants and corporate dining facilities. In addition, they also designed, fabricated, and installed seating and meal delivery stations for schools, universities, and retail restaurants. However, due to an ambiguous company name and a lack of cohesive branding across their marketing platforms, their efforts to increase their presence in the market were unsuccessful.


Mojave reviewed and researched the client’s existing marketing plans, promotional materials, website, and corporate branding policies and concluded:


  • The name “Atlantic Equipment Specialists” was not accurately indicative of the products and/or services the company provided.
  • The existing logo, website, and marketing materials were dated and lacked any cohesive style or messaging.
  • The client had minimal plans for targeted marketing campaigns and any subsequent reactions thereof.


Our Solutions

Mojave proposed a total re-branding campaign to revitalize the overall look and feel of the company and its environs including:

  • Changing the company name to something that more accurately conveys the services and products the company provides, while allowing for future expansion into collateral endeavors.
  • Changing the logo and corporate colors to a more modern and pleasing identity.
  • Redesign corporate letterhead, business cards and all printed materials.
  • Extensively brand company vehicles, uniforms, and signage.
  • Create a new website that will showcase products and services through updated photography, video, and easier navigation for the end user.



“Atlantic Culinary Environments” more accurately describes who they are as a company and the services they provide. Modernizing their brand without losing sight of their history, the new look was both fresh and modern, but also instantly recognizable to their existing customers. The color palette was updated to be more commanding, and all of their marketing and presentation materials were re-imagined and re-designed to put them at the forefront of their industry. From their web presence to their fleet of vehicles to the shirts on their backs, we provided a complete solution without leaving a single stone unturned.

With Mojave, Atlantic Culinary Environments is now right where they belong; the industry leader in cutting edge design, fabrication and construction of dining and food service facilities to the education, healthcare, and business industries.